Jules Verne Technological Research Institute

Mutualized industrial research institute dedicated to advanced manufacturing technologies. It leads activities driven by industry needs. Its research program focuses three major areas of development: Integrated product/process design/Innovative processes/Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems.


Jules Verne Manufacturing Valley

The label Jules Verne Manufacturing Valley is managed by the EMC2 cluster, in order to give a French and international visibility to the cluster’s actions regarding advanced manufacturing technologies.


Competitiveness cluster EMC2

First French cluster for innovative manufacturing, EMC2 creates synergies between large international groups, SME’s, research laboratories and training centres by supporting and setting up collaborative innovation projects in order to speed up for companies’ growth and competitiveness.



An Airbus Company, worldwide provider for NDT & Quality Services


Technocampus Composites

Mutualized technological platform, it encompasses industrial and academic organizations that work on developing innovative manufacturing technologies for high-performance composite materials.